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Create a Perspective Service Account

Service accounts are required when creating an API for Perspective as they grant access to the Perspective back end. Any records created by the API will appear in Perspective under the service account, however service account users cannot log into Perspective, Dispatch, Dashboard, or the Web Portal as a typical user.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before full access to the API can be granted, you must contact your Customer Success Manager to request a development hash key. Without this key, your API will not function or appear on your licensing.

To create a service account:

  1. Log into Perspective as an administrator.
  2. Click Administrator > Users > Add.
  3. Click the plus_icon.png icon in the Linked Person field to add or create a person record.
  4. Select a role for the user from the Role dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a username for the user in the Perspective Logon ID field.
  6. Click Set Password.

    Note: Ensure the Change Password On Login checkbox is not selected.

  7. Create a new password for the user in the Enter New Password and Confirm Password fields.

    Note: Service account passwords do not expire.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Click the User Defaults tab.
  10. Select a workgroup, access level, language, and currency from the Default WorkgroupAccess LevelDefault Language, and Default Currency dropdown menus.
  11. Click the User Rights tab.
  12. Select the Service Account (Password Never Expires) checkbox.
  13. Click Save.


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