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Perspective Hosted - Email Notification Issue - Resolved

February 28, 2017

3:11 PM EST

Initial Notification:

Our DevOps team has identified that the Amazon SES (Simple Email Services) which we use for Perspective’s emailing tool and relies on Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) is currently experiencing an issue that is impacting Perspective Hosted Customers from sending emails from within the system. This is impacting sending out email notifications, Incident or Activity Reports and assignments.

Amazon is actively working on re-mediating this issue but has not provided a timeline on when services will be restored. We are monitoring and will let you know as soon as this has been addressed.

Update: Resolved

February 28, 2017

7:02 PM EST

Further to our notice this morning that Amazon’s SES was experiencing an issue impacting sending emails from Perspective - we have confirmed that emails are being sent out as expected. Amazon has addressed the issue within their environment.

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