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Perspective V5.2 – Sneak Peek

With Perspective V5.2 in its final stages of development and testing, we would like to share with you a sneak peek of the release to help you plan for your formal notification (especially if some of the updates are requests you’ve submitted through our Idea Portal).  V5.2 is a minor release, however it may contain just what you’ve been looking for!

Coming in Perspective Version 5.2: Spring 2017

  • Improved Single Sign-On Support for additional providers
  • IP Whitelisting options for Hosted customers
  • German Language Pack
  • Stability and security related improvements
  • Updates for Dispatch:
    • Quick Add Person Records
    • Hide and reorder columns (saved in user layouts)
    • View Floor Plans on main Map panel
    • Set default location on create and map zoom level
    • New Theme & Banners
  • Updates for Officer Mobile:
    • Push Notification on the Officer Mobile app
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