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Perspective 5.2 – New Features


  • A German Language Pack is now available.
  • It’s now possible to prevent users who don’t fall within a specified IP range from logging into thePerspective Suite. Hosted customers can contact Resolver Support to have IP whitelisting enabled
    on their behalf (available on the Enterprise edition of Perspective only). 


  • New banner notifications, displayed at the top of the panels, display important information, such as confirmation messages that a dispatch was successfully created or that record deletion failed. Success messages are displayed in green, while error messages are displayed in orange.
  • Users can Quick Add person records in Perspective through Dispatch, then select those records in the Initiated By, Request Assigned To Person, and Involved Person fields in the Create Dispatch, Dispatch Details, and Schedule Dispatch panels (Idea Portal).
  • The Call Category dropdown menus in the Create Dispatch, Schedule Dispatch, and Dispatch Details panels now display the call categories in alphabetical order.
  • Right-clicking a column in the panels gives you the option of showing or hiding columns.
  • Dispatchers can no longer view lookups or rollups (e.g. Site Rollups, Call Category Rollups, Priority, Request Types, etc.) unless they've been granted access through an appropriate workgroup (Idea Portal).
  • Through the Default Location feature in User Settings, users can now select a default location for the Map and Create Dispatch panels as well as select how zoomed in or out the map is on the default location using the Set Zoom Level feature. Note that if you select an indoor location, its master location will appear as the default (Idea Portal).
  • Location search results in the panels have been extended to better show the names of locations and indoor location points and hovering your cursor over a search result will display the location’s full name.
  • Improved the map functionality in the Create Dispatch, Dispatch Details, and Schedule Dispatch panels so that the map is automatically resized (without affecting any of the fields) when the panels are expanded or contracted.
  • On the Map panel, clicking a location pin with indoor location points saved to it will display the floorplan images for both the master location and its indoor location points. Users can view the next indoor levels by clicking the pins on an image as well as move backwards through the levels using the breadcrumb tabs.
  • Clicking on a location pin on the Map panel with clustered locations (more than one location saved to the area) will present a pop-up menu where you can select the location you wish to view.
  • The temporary location pins placed by dispatchers when creating or editing a dispatch are now displayed when viewing a location’s floorplan image on the Map or Location panels.
  • Administrators can change the position of previously saved indoor location points by clicking and dragging the pins on the images.
  • Closed dispatches no longer remain on the Dispatches panel while the closing process is completed.
  • Your User Settings, including the Theme, Default Location, Zoom Level, and Notification settings are saved on the database and are restored every time you log in, even if it’s on different computers.
  • Your layout settings are saved to the database and are restored every time you log in, even if it’s on different computers. This includes your column settings in the panels, such as order, sorting, width, and filtering. Clicking Reset Layout will restore the layout to its default settings.

Officer Mobile

  • Officer Mobile now supports push notifications, including notifications to inform officers that a task with a higher priority than their current task has been assigned to them, along with conversation invitations and new message notifications.
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