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Version 1.1 – Release Notes

New Features

  • Single sign-on authentication is now available.
  • A number of user interface changes have made Core more functional and attractive, including:
    • A new color scheme and font.
    • A redesigned Administration section, with a more intuitive arrangement for the settings, including moving Reports to Administration and out of the left navigation menu.
    • Removed the icons from the left navigation menu.
    • Removed page numbers and the search function from relationship tables that display four objects or fewer.
  • The home (My Tasks) page now displays a chart that outlines the number of objects assigned to the current user, as well as the objects’ current workflow states.
  • The Edit Object Type page now includes tabs for easy configuration of the components, which include Fields, Formulas, Relationships, References, and Roles. Additionally, the Overview tab provides clickable links to all the configurable forms for the object type along with a list of the associated data definitions.
  • Markdown formatting is now available on the Long Names for fields and relationships.
  • It’s now possible to mark a role as required in the Required Components settings for individual workflow states.
  • Required components (fields, properties, or roles) can be applied to an object at the Creation state.
  • You can now display formulas as gauges on configurable forms.
  • The new Image Attachment field allows users to upload images and display them directly on a form, where they may also edit the name and description or replace or crop the image.
  • American date formatting (e.g. 03/20/2017) is available for the Date & Time field.
  • Select list fields now have a multi select option, allowing users to select multiple options from a list.
  • Configurable forms can be duplicated to create similar forms for the same object type without having to recreate the form.
  • Administrators can now import data using External Reference Object Type IDs and External Reference Relationship Type IDs, thereby making it possible to use one spreadsheet to import data into multiple duplicate orgs.
  • Data Import now supports import of JSON files.
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