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Perspective V5.3 – Sneak Peek

With Perspective V5.3 in its final stages of development and testing, we would like to share with you a sneak peek of the release to help you plan for your formal notification (especially if some of the updates are requests you’ve submitted through our Idea Portal).  V5.3 introduces Perspective Connect for Access Control integrations and updates for Dispatch.

  • All New Connect v2.0 - Built from the ground up for Access Control integrations
    • Register devices active at each location
    • Plot your devices on the floor plans for a better sense of what is happening in each building
    • Group related event types to streamline your response rules
    • Configurable Rules Engine allows for predictable repeatable response to important events.
      • Determine Important events for action based on device, location, the type of event, or even the time of the event (different response plan for evenings or weekends no problem).
      • Filter out the noise of routine alarms that dispatch does not need to respond to.
      • High Performance monitoring, processes over 1000 event per second so you are notified of issue in real-time.
    • Automate actions
      • Auto-Acknowledge or Close an Alarm in the Access Control System
      • Create a Dispatch record using a predefined template
    • New Connectors
      • Lenel On Guard version 7.1 Connector
      • Tyco Software House CCURE version 2.4 Connector
      • Connect 2.0 provides a framework template to build additional connector to any access control system that provides an integration interface (Ask your CSM about integrating to any other system).
    • Dispatch 5.3
      • View alarm and device information from Dispatch Details (including the originating system, device type, device name, and original event time).
      • View Devices on the floor plans
      • Active Dispatches will be highlight on the related device to visually monitor for active issues.

Perspective V5.3 is set for release Summer 2017.

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