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Add Fields & Filters to a Report

You can add fields (attributes and criteria) and filters to define exactly what will appear in your reports. If you're the report owner, you can save the changes for all users who will run the report. If you're not the report owner, you can still save your changes so the fields and filters are applied every time you run the report.

  1. Click Report in the top bar and select a report type from the dropdown menu.  26.png
  2. Click the report you want to modify. 28.png
  3. Click the tab of the item you want to modify.
  4. Click the checkbox next to an attribute or criteria to add it to your report. 29.png
  5. Add any required filters in the section below the attributes and criteria.

    NOTE: Filters are an AND condition, so all filters must be true in order to the display the results.30.png

  6. Click Generate Report.
  7. Optional: Click the Saved Reports tab.
    1. If you're the report owner, click Save so that the changes will appear for every user who runs the report.
    2. If you're not the report owner, click Save As to show the changes each time you run the report.
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