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GAL 7.09.03 – Release Notes

New Features


  • A new Notification Type, Mobile Push, has been added to GAL. In order to use this Notification Type, a GAL user must register their smartphone, tablet or laptop and download the Mobile Push Application.
  • A user can have multiple devices registered and can alias/nickname each device.
  • The Subject and Main Text of Action Step Assignment notifications (Tasks, Decisions, Event Status Changes) have been changed to facilitate the Mobile Push Application.
  • Added Mobile Push as a default communication method for Action Step Assignments.  If the user has a mobile Push registered, an Action Step Assignment Push will always be delivered in addition to the other communication methods.
  • Added the ability for the IVR application to validate based on a custom field in the contact record. The customer field must be a unique to each contact and numeric only.  


General indexes and performance improvements.

User Interface

  • All confirm boxes in GAL (Are you sure you want to Activate, Are you sure you want to Delete, etc.) have been changed to a new custom box.
  • A confirm box will display when a user clicks the checkbox besides their task assignments in the My Tasks panel.


Added the ability to import Resource Relationships.


  • The new report type, Unassigned Action Steps, has been added to list which Action Steps are currently unassigned or assigned to a deleted user.
  • Added file links to Custom Form query fields for documents so users can click on a link on the Form and directly access the document.
  • Added the Message Subject Field to the Message Custom Form Communications Query.
  • Improved the performance of reports that are scoped to many items.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an error when using Basic GIS plan activation map and a contact and the folder the contact was in are in the same GIS Polygon.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when a user changed the title of a form in the designer that would prevent the title from being updated on any existing instances already created for the plan/event. This was applies only to Plan/Event Editors.
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