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GAL 7.10.00 – Release Notes

New Features


  • Add the ability to configure a customized greeting for NXT Survey.
  • Added the ability to accommodate unique phone number formats, including international and satellite.

Custom Fields/Forms

  • Added a new form type, Relationship Editor, which is used to collect more data about the relationship between two object types.
  • Added a new custom field type, Lookup, which allows users to populate custom fields on objects and forms with the value from existing Global AlertLink objects, including Contacts and Resources. 

User Interface

  • The order of the relationship types in referential data is preserved when selecting relationship types for an object.
  • Added the ability to Check/Uncheck All/Specific Relationship Types in the filter on the Relationship tab for an object.
  • Added a new admin function, Relationship Mapping, to assign relationship editors based on object/object type and relationship type.
  • Enabled filtering within the Folder Picker for all Global AlertLink objects.
  • Added a Resource Advanced Search module, similar to Contacts.
  • Added Contact and Resource Advanced Search to the Relationship tab.
  • Added Contact and Resource Advanced Search to Item Pickers.
  • Added Contact and Resource Advanced Search to Lookup Fields.
  • Added Resource Advanced Search to Resource Share screen.
  • Relationships on deleted objects will no longer be displayed.
  • Custom Fields will be displayed when you have read-only access to objects.


Converted Contact and Contact Method imports to Stored Procedures to improve functionality and  performance.


  • Updated the Reporting tool to display Contact Method Alias for Mobile Push Device.
  • Created a new ReportViews for the Relationship Editor form data.
  • Created a new ReportView that links custom form instances with the Contact or Resource that form was completed for.
  • Updated the Reporting tool to add Total Push to the Messages table.

Bug Fixes

  • GIS reports were not loading when filters by CustomerId or Custom Fields were used.
  • Unable to resend Ad hoc messages that contained sub-folders with no contacts.
  • Corrected various issues with Custom Field ToolTips.
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