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Configuration Settings

This is a list of system configuration values that can be customized for your instance of Global AlertLink. These settings primarily affect the user interface experience and messaging. If no preferences are indicated the default values will be used. Contact your implementation manager if you have any questions.


How many lines per page should be displayed on the component listings?

The component listing consists of News & Updates, Contacts, Documents, Plans, Events, Resources, Forms, Messages, and Reports. Choices are 5, 10, 25, or 50 lines in data and table views.


Indicate the sorting preference for the following components:

  • News {title, date}:{asc, desc}
  • Contacts {firstname, lastname,title}:{asc, desc}
  • Plans {name, interruption level, severitylevel}:{asc, desc}
  • Documents {name, date}:{asc, desc}
  • Events {name, status, eventdate, interruption level, severitylevel}:{asc,desc}
  • Resources {name, description}:{asc, desc}
  • Messages {timesent, title, subject}:{asc, desc}
  • Reports {name}:{asc, desc}


Should the web browser auto complete feature be set on or off?

This setting applies to authentication fields.


What should be the maximum length of SMSs?

Text messages are typically restricted to a shorter length than other types of electronic notification devices. If a text message is very long the recipient of the message may have difficulty reading the message because some devices break the message down into multiple shot messages. 150 characters is a typical setting.


What should be the maximum length of emails?

The typical setting for this is 4,000 characters.


What should be the maximum length of phone call messages?

This applies to both live and voice mail deliveries and is usually set to 2,000 characters.


Should there be a prompt for missing pass phrases?

Pass phrases are typically used by administrators to validate the identity of a user when they have locked themselves out of the system or forgotten their password.


Once the GAL session expires is there a URL that the user should be directed to?

URL: ____________________________________


Upon user logout is there a URL that the user should be directed to?

This could be your corporate web site.

URL: ____________________________________


What is the name and email address of the GAL system administrator?

If the user tries to access an area that they do not have privileges to the administrator’s name and email address will be presented to the use.

Name: _________________________________

Email: _________________________________


Should screen auto refresh be enabled? If so, at what interval (seconds)?

  • Vital Signs
  • Forms
  • My Tasks
  • Messaging
  • Visual Editor
  • Custom Forms View

This is useful in a control or command center environment. Be aware that setting consumes resources from the hosting web server.


At what interval, (days prior, date of, past due), should review reminders be sent?

This feature sends a user an email reminding them that is time to review a plan that they are responsible for maintaining.


Should URL links to reviews be included in reminders?

URLs may be imbedded in the email recipient’s email to facilitate quick and accurate links to the plans that they’re responsible.


Should the user’s login ID or user name be displayed in the page header?

This gives you the ability to display either the user name or full name in the upper right-hand area of the screen.


Are there any special requirements for password settings?

  • Minimum length
  • Minimum number of digits (0-9)
  • Minimum number of upper case letters (A-Z)
  • Minimum number of lower case letters (a-z)
  • Minimum number of special characters (!@# etc.)
  • Are passwords allowed to be reused? If so after how many iterations?
  • At what interval (days) should passwords expire?

This may not be applicable if you are utilizing SSO.

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