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WRM 9.7.4 – New Features & Bug Fixes

New Features

Report Caching

  • Reports now support secured item caching. Retrieved items are stored in the database and are ready for use the next time the report is executed, improving the amount of time it takes to run secured reports. Unsecured reports will continue to run as usual, however, both new and existing reports can be configured to use a cached data set. For more information, see the Configure a WRM Report to Use a Cached Data Set article.
  • Timeout thresholds have been extended so that reports with excessive rendering times are still returned to WRM.



  • A new option in the Review Selection dialogue allows selections to be applied to all the dashboards for the current user.
  • Former employees can now be removed from areas of responsibility by adding a new boolean to the Personnel record. Contact Resolver Support for more information. 
  • The Coverage column for child grids can be disabled system-wide. To do so, enter a true value in the HideCoverageField setting in the Methodware.ERA.BusinessLayer.Properties.Settings section of the web.config file.
  • The new string concatenate expression function allows you to display, as a string, the field value of a child item type that's linked to the parent.
  • Cached images and help files are now updated to match the current version of the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Users are now only counted once for licensing, regardless of how many groups they've joined (WRM-2568).
  • System views now reflect the user's review selection (WRM-3039).
  • Fixed an issue that caused some schedule controls to double the scheduled time (WRM-3042).
  • Hierarchy enumerations now display the correct leaf members (WRM-3083).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from receiving all dashboard alerts (WRM-3152).
  • LDAP user attribute queries no longer fail due to case-sensitivity (WRM-3153).
  • The report screen control no longer clashes with CSV import dialogue (WRM-3215).
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