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Perspective – Bug Fixes

Dispatch Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dispatch performance loading issues in the settings for users with a large number of locations by reducing the locations that are displayed by default to 250. If your organization has thousands of locations, the search function should be used to access a specific location (PSVCC-079).
  • Fixed performance issues when searching for locations in the Create Dispatch, Schedule Dispatch, and Details panels (PSVCC-827/PSVCC-848).
  • Fixed an API issue when creating officer responses (PSVCC-657).
  • Fixed an API issue that occasionally prevented activity numbers from populating (PSVCC-658).
  • Fixed performance issues on the Map panel for users with a large number of locations (PSVCC-688/PSVCC-905).
  • Fixed performance issues when selecting indoor location points on locations with thousands of indoor location points (PSVCC-907).
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