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Sneak Peek: Global Alertlink V7.11

With Global Alertlink V7.11 in its final stages of development and testing, we would like to share with you a sneak peek of the release to help you plan for our release in the new year.

New Features:

  • We are introducing a brand new form designer with a focus on improved performance, and making it easier to use by introducing drag and drop capabilities. Don't worry - your existing forms will be migrated to the new format!
  • Improved performance for:
    • Record Searching: We've made it so that you can set a limit on the results returned with the item picker. 
    • Plan/Event Editors: We've introduced performance improvements that allow better rendering of large query results in the form.
  • In the User Interface, custom fields used in the Advanced search are now alphabetical.
  • Our Reporting tool now only includes the form fields on the current version of your selected form.
  • Added a bulk delete Referential Data procedure.


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