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Sneak Peek: Perspective V5.4

Our development team is in the final stages of development for our latest release of Perspective – V5.4. Expected early in the new year, we wanted to provide you with a sneak peek on what we have planned, including the introduction of Alarm Management, a Health Check API and updates on locations in Dispatch.

New: Alarm Management

  • For use with our Access Control Connector, you can now have more alarms sent to a dispatcher for review.
  • For rules where you want a dispatcher to see the alarm and decide if it need to become a dispatch or close it out there is now an Alarms panel to manage that.
  • Acknowledge and Close alarms (this will be also acknowledged and closed in your Access Control System)
  • Or Escalate Alarms to a Dispatch when an Officer response is required (you can even escalate a series of alarms to a single dispatch for easier management)
  • Alarms have many of the same great features of Dispatches (Notifications, Comments and Conversations, Visual Alerts and Timers and more)


  • New option to update query for Custom Reports, so you can add a new field or adjust criteria options
  • Health check APIs (Perspective, Integration, Dispatch Services) all services provide health data for better up time monitoring an load balance management.
  • Dispatch Locations now search global addresses (and if you don’t want users creating new locations an option to turn that off)
  • Multi-Select for bulk Dispatch actions like Close Dispatch and Reassigning tasks.
  • More Filters on Dispatches (Filter by Dispatcher, Location or Call Categories)
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