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Deleting the Reports Folder


Analysis Expert automatically creates the Reports folder when attempting to run a Query, Report, or Custom Report. The instructions below walk you through manually deleting the Reports folder.

Manual deleting the Report folder may solve the issue if an error occurs while working in Analysis Expert.

Related Information/Setup

Please refer to the Generating Reports article for further information on generating a report.


  1. Ensure you close all Perspective screens and processes.
  2. Click on the Search field in the Toolbar, enter File Explorer, and press the Enter key.

Windows Search.png

Search Field

  1. From the File Explorer screen, navigate to the Temp directory by entering C:\users\<windowsuser>\appdata\local\temp (windowsuser = the name of the user currently logged into the PC) in the Quick Access field and press the Enter key.

Quick Access Field.png

Quick Access Field

Manually Deleting the Reports Folder

The Temp directory may not list all three folders (Reports, Reports.zip, and Resolver) you must delete. Ensure you delete the three folders. If any of the three folders do not appear, delete the folders that appear, making sure that you only delete the Reports, Reports.zip and Resolver folders.

  1. From the File Explorer screen, delete the Reports, Reports.zip, and Resolver folders.
  2. To delete a folder, move your cursor over a folder, click the right mouse button, and select Delete from the Content Menu.



  1. Log back into Perspective and generate a report.
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