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Perspective 5.11 Release Notes

New Features

Officer Mobile

  • A new App was added in stores that improves the connection screen for Perspective customers (users must download the App to continue using it).
  • Push notification services were upgraded to the latest version recommended by Android™ and Apple®.
  • Push notifications were added for a new task assigned to an officer.

Bug Fixes


  • A vulnerability issue with SBNY and Active Directory user details was addressed.
  • We fixed an issue with Perspective, causing errors when the FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant is enabled in Windows.
  • An issue with missing scheduled dispatches following a maintenance outage was fixed.

Officer Mobile

  • We fixed an issue with the on-screen keyboard blocking message text in iOS.
  • We fixed an issue blocking some users from successfully logging out on mobile.
  • A readability issue when using dark mode on iOS was addressed.
  • An alignment issue with user information was resolved on the On Duty screen, as it was inconsistent with the main screen alignment.


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