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The administration of Perspective can take on many forms from the initial set-up and configuration of the system to its ongoing maintenance and the management and addition of new users.

Over the course of a series of videos we'll cover administration topics related to Perspective and the Web Portal, showing you how to:

Forms & Interface Customization

  • Configure general settings
  • Modify languages and form labels
  • Maintain lookups
  • Use audting to track almost any changes made by users

Creating Roles & Users

  • Create/edit workgroups
  • Set system privileges
  • Create/edit roles and users

Setting Up the Web Portal

  • Configuration within Perspective Administration
  • Building a Web Portal page
  • Adding announcements
  • Configuring the Report an Incident feature
  • Configuring the Request an Officer feature 

How to Watch:

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Forms & Interface Customization Forms & Interface Customization
Creating Roles & Users Creating Roles & Users
Setting Up the Web Portal Web Portal - General Setup & Themes
  Web Portal - Report an Incident
  Web Portal - Request an Officer (for Dispatch)
  Web Portal - Request an Officer (for DispatchLog)
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