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Connect to an External SMTP Server (version 4.5 and earlier)

To use an SMTP server to send emails from Perspective, switch the radio button from Outlook to SMTP and enter the appropriate information for connecting to the SMTP sever:

1. Host - Enter the domain name of the SMTP service.

2.  Port - Enter the port the SMTP service will be listening on for connections.

3.  Username - If you want to specify a single user for all Perspective to send e-mails with, please enter a valid user name to connect to the SMTP service.

4.  Password - Enter the appropriate password for the user name above.

5.  Use Default Credentials - Rather than entering a particular user name and password, you can specify that a user's Windows credentials be used to connect to the SMTP service.  Whatever user is logged in on the client using Perspective will be the credentials used to send e-mails.

6.  Use Anonymous Access - As an alternative option, if the SMTP sever does not require user credentials to connect and send email, you can enable users to connect anonymously.

7.  Enable SSL - Select this option to encrypt the SMTP connection with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

8.  Reply Address - When sending email messages, the SMTP service must include a reply address. Enter the email address you want to appear on any email message sent via SMTP.

9.  These email settings will be used as system defaults for every client. With the exception of the reply address, all of these settings can be overridden for individual clients by specifying alternative settings under the client's Settings > Options menu. (The reply address is a global setting and will be used for anyone using SMTP.) Alternatively, if you do not want individual clients to have the option of overriding any of these settings, select the "Force all clients to use these settings" box.

Once you have completed email configuration in the Service Manager, you must re-start IIS to implement your settings in Perspective.  Re-starting IIS will affect anyone currently logged on to Perspective. Ensure that all users have saved their work and exited the program prior to completing this step.


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