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This series of videos will introduce you to Dispatch. Please note that a major change with Perspective version 5.0 was the release of a completely redesigned Dispatch application, as such we have videos listed below for both the new Dispatch application and the previous DispatchLog.

Note: It is recommended to watch the 'Dispatch - Planning your Upgrade' prior to logging into the Dispatch application for the first time.

Dispatch Part One & Two

Introduces you to the application and walks dispatchers through the use of all features and functionality that they may use as a part of their daily duties. This includes:

  • Navigating the interface
  • Bring officers on/off duty
  • Starting new dispatches & updating details
  • Scheduling known events
  • And more

Officer Mobile

The Officer Mobile app allows your officers to perform a great deal of self management while they are on duty. This app allows them to bring themselves on/off duty, indicate when they have started tasks, arrived on scene and cleared the scene; as well, they can add to the dispatch details if needed.

This video will walk users through the use of the app.

Dispatch - Planning your Upgrade (for version 5.0 and later)

This orientation video will walk you through some considerations you'll want to think about before fully setting up the Dispatch application, this includes:

  • What are zones and teams
  • Creating dispatch users
  • The difference between dispatch locations and your site rollup

Dispatch Administration

This final dispatch video will look at the administration topics related to dispatch. Some of the general topics discussed include:

  • Reviewing Form Labels & Lookups related to dispatch
  • Officers and Dispatch Users
  • Creating or editing SOPs
  • RTAs and Officer Alerts

How to Watch:

 YouTube Playlists:  Download:
Dispatch (V 5.0) Dispatch Part One (V5.0)
DispatchLog (V 4.6.2) Dispatch Part Two (V5.0)
These YouTube playlists contain all Dispatch videos Officer Mobile
  Dispatch - Planning your Upgrade
  Dispatch Administration (V5.0)
  DispatchLog - Part One (V4.6)
  DispatchLog - Part Two (V4.6)
  DispatchLog - Administration (V4.6)


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