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Support Coverage for Workflow

For Perspective Workflow, your SSP covers installation, use of the out-of-the-box event packs (for adjustments to existing parameters), and supporting your team on any Resolver-designed custom Workflow Event (for adjustments to existing parameters).

Your support contract for Workflow does have some limitations, including:

  • "Best effort" support is provided for:
    • Event Pack Workflows: If a workflow from our original event pack has been adjusted beyond the original scope (e.g. an additional field has been added).
    • Resolver-developed Workflows: If a workflow designed by Resolver has been adjusted beyond its original scope (e.g. an additional field or parameter has been added).
    • Client-developed Workflows: Resolver's Technical Support staff help whenever possible, however, because Workflow is very customizable, it's recommended that organizations that require specialized configuration consulting consider purchasing additional consulting services.
  • Client-created workflows that import or adjust data within Perspective are not recommended as Resolver is not obligated to support altered, damaged, or modified software or help address issues related to Workflow or Perspective as a result of client-created workflows. For full details, please refer to your Software Support Program agreement.
  • Resolver Support does not offer assistance to end-users on building a custom query, including building requirements, review of requirements, setting of parameters, testing, etc. If you require additional services for creating a custom workflow, contact your Customer Success Manager.


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