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Connect to an External SMTP Server (v. 4.6.1 and later)

As an administrator, you can configure Service Manager to connect to an SMTP server and send emails from Perspective.

These instructions are for users running Perspective version 4.6.1 and later.

  1. Open Perspective Service Manager.

  2. Click the Notifications tab.

  3. Click the SMTP radio button.

  4. Enter information into the following fields:

    • Host: The domain name of the SMTP service.

    • Port: The port the SMTP service will be listening on for connections.

    • Username: A valid username to connect to the SMTP service.

    • Password: The appropriate password for the username.

    • Enable SSL: Select this option to encrypt the SMTP connection with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

    • Reply Address: By default, the SMTP service will include the address entered in this field when sending emails, unless the Person who is currently logged in has an email address saved on their record.

    • Force all emails from this address: Selecting this checkbox will force all emails sent from Perspective to use the Reply Address as a return email address, even if the currently logged in Person has a primary email address saved on their record.

  5. Restart IIS (Internet Information Services) to save your changes.

    Note: To prevent data from being lost, ensure that all Perspective users have saved their work and logged off prior to restarting IIS.

The above email settings will be used as system defaults for every client.


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