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Set Logon & Password Parameters

When setting up Perspective, your organization can configure account usage policies that let you define your password security for Perspective logons. Though Perspective comes pre-configured with basic security settings, your team can change the usage policies to match your internal requirements.

Available Options:

  • Password Length: Set the required minimum length for user passwords, anywhere from 6 to 35 characters.

  • Password Uniqueness: Specify whether or not Perspective should keep a history of user passwords. If yes, choose between 1 and 10 to indicate the number of passwords to be kept in the history. For example, choosing 3 would require a user to go through three passwords before Perspective would allow him or her to re-use a former password.

  • Maximum Password Age: Indicate whether or not passwords should expire after a certain number of days (1 to 180). Once a password has expired, Perspective will prompt the user to select a new password.

  • Password Format: Specify if passwords must contain special characters, both letters and numbers, or both uppercase and lowercase text. You can choose all, none, or a combination of these options.

  • Account Lockout: Enable or disable the option to lockout users after a specified number of unsuccessful logon attempts (1 to 9).

  • Miscellaneous: Choose to enable or disable users to logon to Perspective from more than one machine at the same time. It's recommended that concurrent logons are not permitted. You can also indicate whether passwords must be different from user IDs. It's strongly recommended that passwords are distinct from user IDs.

To make changes to your account usage policies, login as an administrator, go to Administration > General Settings > the Account Usage Policies tab.

Once you have set up account usage policies, all user IDs will need to be set up to match the new requirements.

Windows Authentication & Single Sign-On

If you've set up Windows authentication or SAML 2.0 for single sign-on (available on Perspective 5.1 or later), the above account policies will be overridden by those configured in your Windows authentication or SSO settings.

Note: If you're running version 5.1 or later, Windows authentication is available for Perspective only (and no other modules, such as Dispatch, Dashboard, or Web Portal). If you wish to enable SSO for all modules, you must enable SAML 2.0.


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