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Set Up Perspective Maps

Starting with Perspective Version 4.5, your organization now has the ability to visualize your Activity, Incident, and Dispatch records on a map, and filter by site and location to focus on specific areas and spot trends.

In order to implement our new mapping feature there are a few steps for your team to take to update your Perspective system.

Updating your Lookups:

In Administration, go to lookups and select SiteRollups.

  1. Each Site has up to four tiers available (with our default shipping labels based on Site, Building, Location, or Section).
  2. In order to have each of the four tiers available on your map, you will need to update the Latitude and Longitude for each entry.
  3. Note: We have an SQL Script that can be run that checks to see if a Child Value (Building, Location, or Section) has a Latitude and Longitude, and if it is empty, it will match to the parent value. In the instance where all of the items in the tier are in the same location and you would be comfortable with this being implemented for mapping purposes, you can set up just the Site, and then use this to populate the lower tiers. If you are a Hosted client, please make this request via our Support team once you have all of your Site Rollups updated. The script name is: BackFIll_SiteRollups.sql
  4. To update an entry - you will need to select the entry (example: Building) and click on Edit. Once in edit mode - on the bottom you will see three tabs for that entry - Language, SiteRollups and Visibility.
  5. Click on the Visibility tab and enter the latitude and longitude.
  6. Click Save.
  7. For any Activity, Dispatch or Incident moving forward, it will now have a Geo location associated to the entry that can be viewed on your Bing Maps.

Updating Existing Records:

When you add in your new geo locations to the Site rollups, this will not automatically populate the Activity and Incident data that you have entered. Once you have your Site Rollups in place, if you are interested in having the geo locations populated in your older Activity and Incident Date, we have a script that can be run on your Perspective database. As a Hosted client, please make this request via our Support team once you have all of your Site Rollups updated. The script name is: Update_Inc_Act_Site_Geos.sql

Are you a Hosted Client?

As you do not have direct access to your database to run the SQL Scripts - you can submit a request to Support for either script when you are ready for them to be ran. Support will then submit a ticket to our System Administrator and provide you with a timeline for when the work is complete.

Are you an On Premise Client?

The SQL Scripts and instructions are included in your download package, so your team can proceed when you are ready.

Important Note:

Once Geo Location has been assigned to a location, it is set on the record and cannot be updated even if you update

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