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Languages in Perspective

Perspective is designed to be used globally. Field labels, form labels, lookups lists, buttons, messages, etc. can be set up to appear in the language of your choice while providing complete and accurate results for searches and reports across all installed languages.

Perspective is shipped with a base language set to American English, but you can add up to 20 additional languages within the system.

The language a user sees is determined by the default language assigned to that user's account. All 21 label sets are configurable and stored in the Perspective database for accurate and reliable translation of form labels.

All of Perspective's large text fields, such as Comments or Narratives, also support data entry in any language. However, to preserve data integrity, they're never translated.

For accurate statistics, searches on lookup and rollup values (like Classification) will find a match across all languages. Text fields, however, can only be searched for exact matches. For example, if a user includes the Spanish word rojo in a comment, a search for all records with the word red will not match. However, if the searches involves a lookup list, specifying the red value will bring up all records where the color red (rojo, rouges, rot, etc.) was selected.

Important Notes About Perspective Language Packs

  • Language Packs are pre-packaged to include a translation of the default database system labels, system lookup values, and the launch page (excluding the the Perspective logo and copyright information), and, where possible, a dictionary.

  • Reports are printed in the user's default language.
  • Language packs do not include help guides or documentation.
  • Translations are based on our default database label set. Language packs do not translate custom form labels or custom lookup list values.

  • You must do a backup of your database prior to installing a language pack. Resolver Support cannot remove languages packs once they're installed. Hosted customers should contact Support to arrange for a database backup prior to installation.

  • All translations are provided by Google Translate and, because accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed, a review prior to installation is recommended.

  • Deploying a language pack on an existing label set will overwrite that label set.

Available Language Packs

Language Pack Limitations

  • Numeric values, such as currency and dates, are always displayed using Western Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

  • The Auditing detail list does not support multiple languages at this time. Changed fields display the filed name in the language of the user who made the change.

  • Analysis Expert uses key words based on SQL functions that appear in English only (e.g. EQUAL, STARTS WITH, AND, OR).

  • Most of Analysis Expert's Chart interface includes multilingual labels, but the Advanced Chart Wizard tool is only available in English at this time.

  • Gateway records have standard and SML views. The standard view is the familiar Perspective layout and fields and labels are displayed according to the user's selected language. The XML view is the source code and only displays in English.

Perspective Platform Details

  • Dispatch, e-Reporting, and Web Portal fall under the ability outlined above for the core Perspective application.

  • Focal Point is based on the default English labels and is not customizable.

  • iOS is currently limited to System English for the label set, but lookup lists are based on the language of user currently logged in.

  • Visual Analysis functions with all data displayed in the user's default language, however, toolbar tool tips are only available in English.

  • Workflow's main interface is only available in English, but messages and information sent out to users can be customized for any of the Romanic languages, including French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Currently, Workflow messages cannot be sent in languages requiring different character sets such as Chinese, Arabic, or Russian.

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