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Analyze and Report

The Analyze & Report component can give users access to a variety of reporting tools, from pre-built reports that can quickly be generated, to a query builder where they can be more specific about the data they want to pull, to a custom reporting tool that allows them to use their queries to build more formal reports with the exact look and content that you desire.

The following videos will walk you through the functionality of these 3 tools, specifically:


  • How to generate these reports
  • How to add criteria to filter the report data

Analysis Expert

  • How to build a query
  • Adding criteria to filter the query data
  • Using in-tool features to analyze the data

Custom Reports

  • How to build a report
  • Adding various tables and charts
  • Use features and functions within the designer to format the appearance of your reports

How to Watch:

 YouTube: Analyze & Report playlist


Generating Reports Custom Reports - Beginner
Analysis Expert Part One Custom Reports - Intermediate
Analysis Expert Part Two Custom Reports - Advanced


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