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Resolver offers two mobile apps that can be used to help increase the productivity of your users, by allowing them to perform data entry right from the field as well as other functions.

Perspective Mobile

Perspective's iOS app allows users to capture all of the relevant details of Incidents, Persons, Organizations, Vehicles, and Items right from their Apple device. In this training session will introduce users how to use navigate the mobile app, and complete the data entry on the previously mentioned record types.

Officer Mobile

The Officer Mobile app allows your officers to perform a great deal of self management while they are on duty. This app allows them to bring themselves on/off duty, indicate when they have started tasks, arrived on scene and cleared the scene; as well, they can add to the dispatch details if needed. This video will walk users through the use of the app.

How to Watch:

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Perspective Mobile Perspective Mobile
Officer Mobile Officer Mobile


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