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User Basics

Perspective offers a great deal of functionality for your organization to track, analyze and report on events that affect you.

The following videos will help you develop a clear understanding of Perspective's terminology, icons, and fields... as well as demonstrate what data entry may be completed and basic functionality. Specifically, you will learn about:

User Basics Part One

  • Logging in
  • Navigating Perspective
  • Introduction to the Data Forms, and data entry for Activities 
  • Custom Dashboard

User Basics Part Two

  • Data entry for: Incidents, Items, Persons, Organization and Vehicles
  • Setting record security
  • Creating views (lists of records)

User Basics Part Three (Formerly Managing Investigations & Building Cases)

  • Starting an Incident or Case Investigation
  • Track all relevant investigation details including time and expenses
  • And link multiple related Incidents into a Case record

User Basics Part Three is recommended for managers, supervisors, investigators, or any user that will have access to the Investigations tab and Case data forms.

How to Watch:

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User Basics Part One User Basics Part One
User Basics Part Two User Basics Part Two
User Basics Part Three User Basics Part Three
Custom Dashboard Custom Dashboard
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