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Perspective Version 5.0 & SSL

With our Spring Release of Perspective 5.0, our Product team is considering a major system requirement change for customers who internally host their Perspective system. Prior to making this change, we would like your feedback in terms of potential impact from an IT standpoint.

What is the change?

At this time, your organization can choose to run through HTTP or HTTPS protocols.  Going forwards in Perspective 5.0, we intend to make using an HTTPS connection a requirement.

The two major benefits of using HTTPS connections are:

  1. Your data is encrypted in transit which improves your data security
  2. Authentication is verified which means your data is always going to the correct server

We have not made it a requirement to date – as many of you are running behind your firewalls. However, we would like to make this a standard part of your configuration.

What would the impact be?

Your IT team would be required to adopt HTTPS – and purchase a security Certificate. The cost is generally small from a budget standpoint.  In the case of your organization already using an Enterprise Certificate Authority, there is no need to make a purchase.

Please discuss this with your IT team sooner than later as there may be some preparation work to be done.

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