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Public Encryption Key Error at Login

When installing Perspective version 4.6 or later on a new environment, some users may see the following error on the login screen when trying to launch the application:

        Server error. Unable to obtain public encryption key.

This error message usually occurs when Perspective is configured to Authenticate with Windows Authentication or because Perspective is using a Windows account instead of an SQL account to access the SQL backend. These settings then cause the Perspective Services application pool in IIS to use a Windows account.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to the application server where Perspective is installed.

  2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS).

  3. Click View Application Pools in the Actions pane to the left.

  4. Right-click PerspectiveServices4.6 in the Application Pools pane.

  5. Click Advanced Settings…

  6. Scroll down to locate the Process Model section in Advanced Settings.

  7. Click the Load User Profile field.

  8. Select True from the dropdown menu.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Reset IIS or recycle the application pool.

  11. Launch Perspective.

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