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Introducing Perspective V4.6.2

The latest release of Perspective is now available to download! Perspective V4.6.2 is a minor release where we are introducing a small handful of feature changes as well as a number of fixes.

Feature Updates:

  • A new option in Service Manager allows administrators to force all email to have a single Reply-To email address on their domain, regardless of the user initiating an email from within Perspective.
  • DispatchLog now supports read-only rights that limit users to viewing activity details and notes only.
  • Users will now be prompted to confirm they wish to delete a scheduled activity before it’s removed from DispatchLog.
  • Users without activity delete rights can no longer delete scheduled activities from DispatchLog.
  • Users will now be asked if they want to save unsaved activity notes before closing DispatchLog.
  • The columns and all their data in DispatchLog are justified to the left for easier viewing.
  • Activity details for a highlighted activity in DispatchLog can now be opened using the Enter key.


This release addresses 20 client reported defects reported by our customers. Please review our Release Notes for full details.

Should you have any questions about the update, please contact our Support team.

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