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Edmonton Training Sessions

Our Edmonton training sessions take a hands-on approach to learning Perspective by bringing our attendees on-site and allowing them to use a fully functional training environment to learn and experiment.

Offered over a course of three days at our Edmonton office, participants can delve deeply into all aspects of Perspective. From user basics, to administration, to reporting--all areas of the program are covered. Because the different editions of Perspective offer different features, we alternate training sessions between:

  • Analyze and Report

    With a full day dedicated to the Analyze and Report component, this session focuses on reporting, including a deeper look into Analysis Expert and an introduction to Custom Reports. 

  • Dispatch

    This session focuses on the use and administration of the Dispatch application and is ideal for customers who use the SOC or EIM editions of Perspective.

To see the schedule, read more detailed course descriptions, or to register for a session, please visit the Resolver WebEx site.

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