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Edmonton Training Sessions

Our Edmonton training sessions take a hands-on approach to learning Perspective by bringing our attendees on-site and allowing them to use a fully functional training environment to learn and experiment.

Offered over a course of three days at our Edmonton office, participants can delve deeply into all aspects of Perspective. From user basics, to administration, to reporting--all areas of the program are covered. Because the different editions of Perspective offer different features, we alternate training sessions between:

  • Analyze and Report

    With a full day dedicated to the Analyze and Report component, this session focuses on reporting, including a deeper look into Analysis Expert and an introduction to Custom Reports.

    • (March 6-8, May 8-10, July 10-12, September 11-13, November 27-29)
  • Dispatch

    This session focuses on the use and administration of the Dispatch application and is ideal for customers who use the SOC or EIM editions of Perspective.

    • (February 6-8, April 3-5, June 5-7, August 14-16, October 2-4)

To see the schedule, read more detailed course descriptions, or to register for a session, please visit the Resolver ETS and Reports  or Resolver ETS and Dispatch.

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