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Perspective E-Reporting Version 2.0: Additional Configuration

The following outlines additional configurations that can be added to Perspective e-Reporting version 2.0. 

Welcome & Confirmation Message Setup

Using the e-Reporting directory, you can edit HTML-enabled files to customize the onscreen e-Reporting messages after installation. These messages will notify users about the successful access and submission of e-reports via the e-Reporting Web page.

Note: The default path to the e-Reporting directory is: 


To set up a welcome message: 

  1. Access the e-Reporting directory.
  2. Open the welcome.inc file. 
  3. Edit the default text to add your welcome message. 
  4. Save the file. 

To set up a confirmation message: 

  1. Access the e-Reporting directory.
  2. Open the confirm.inc file.
  3. Edit the default text to add a confirmation message.  
  4. Save the file. 

Logo Setup

In order to update the Perspective logo, the new image must be a .gif that's transparent and named perspective-logo.gif.

To change the logo:

  1. Navigate on your IIS Server to \inetpub\wwwroot\e-reporting virtual directory\images.
  2. Rename perspective-logo.gif to perspective-logo.gif.bak.
  3. Move a transparent .gif version of the new logo into the folder.
  4. Rename the image to perspective-logo.gif
  5. Restart IIS.
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