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Aha! Idea Portal – Have you used it?

Last September, we launched our new Idea Portal which allows you to track the feature requests you make, vote on other users’ ideas and get live updates from our product team. We have 15% of our customers in the system but we want to convince you to join the conversation.

Since our launch in September, we have had customers voting or discussing over 160 ideas relating to enhancements in Perspective. Of those ideas, our Product Management team has moved 19 forward for evaluation and planning for future releases – and when they do that, you can see it in the system! The functionality we are getting the most feedback on so far is our Administration functionality.

Why should you start using Aha?

With 15% of our customer base in the system, we are getting some great feedback – but we want more. Is there something you would like to see changed? We might already have the request in our system and you can vote on it to increase the priority. Or you might be adding a new idea into the system. The more feedback we have, the better we can make Perspective.

Get in the Idea Portal today!

Don’t have an ID? Request one from our team.

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