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Set Up a Multiple Choice Assessment

Multiple choice questions are typically used when you require different options for each item or when the options don't form a scale. For example:

A risk management report to the Board typically includes?:

1. Emerging Risks
2. Risks above tolerance
3. The status of ongoing action plans
4. All of the above

To create multiple choice criteria:

  1. Add new criteria, then select Multiple Choice.

  2. Type Multiple Choice into the label field. Unlike the rating scale criteria, you need to set up a column that will display the multiple choice criteria instead of the actual multiple choice question (which will be defined per item in the following steps).

  3. Click Multiple Choice near the top of the screen. This will toggle the criteria list to show only Multiple Choice Questions. You must have at least one item in your Ballot file to proceed.

  4. Click Edit next to each item you want to create multiple choice questions for.

  5. If the items are not the question you want to ask, type a question in the Optional Question Text field. For example, if the items in your file are risks and you want to ask a question about that risk, you would enter the question in the Optional Question Text field. You can input the same question for each item or different questions for each item. If your Ballot file contains the questions you want to ask, you may leave the Optional Question Text field blank.

  6. Enter the multiple choice options in the scale list. You can expand the list by clicking on scale selection. You can also choose the correct answer to display (in this case it was 1.)

After the vote, the correct value will be highlighted in yellow.

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