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Web Voting Overview

Quick Facts

  • Web Voting is an online service that works with Ballot.

  • Workshops can now include remote participants with both keypads and/or web voting.

  • Web voters can use their PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry.

  • All reporting and analysis is supported.

  • Results are tabulated in real-time.

  • Web Voting is completely anonymous, fully encrypted, and secure.

Web Voting Benefits

  • Reduced travel costs: The typical costs per workshop attendee is approximately $1,100 (flight - $650, hotel - $150, taxis/rentals - $100, meals and entertainment - $200).

  • Convenient and timely: Reduces the amount of time senior employees spend gathering information.

  • Instant use: Voting can be done ad hoc in any meeting. No booking or shipping of equipment needed.

  • Reduced environmental impact: No need for paper or pens.

  • Everyone can participate: Even remote participants can take part in the assessment using a mobile device, tablet, or computer and view the results and heat maps in real time.

How it Works

The Ballot operator and facilitator would run a workshop as normal. On each vote, the question and response options are pushed to participants, who may use the traditional keypads, a web browser, or mobile device, while remote participants can log into a web browser or mobile device.

As long as the question remains open, both local and remote participants can vote and re-vote as needed. Once the workshop is completed, a web meeting, such as WebEx, is created to share and discuss the results.


To use Web Voting, an operator must have a Web Voting account. Each account includes 10 concurrent voters and additional voters can be added as needed. All Ballot licenses that have shipped within the last three years contain Web Voting technology that can be used today. Please see our training videos for information on how to get started, or contact us to check and see if your license is capable.

Web Voting is an online service and is licensed annually. Prices are based on the account and voter volume. Enterprise licenses are also available.


Q: Can I quickly connect through my regular Internet connection or do I need to go through a dedicated service provider?

A: Your normal Internet connection works perfectly. All you need is access to the web.

Q: Can voters connected through the web have visual access to the software (e.g. WebEx style)?

A: As of version 7.1.1 the bar charts generated after each vote are pushed out to the web participants. This means that you don't have to use a web conference tool in addition to Ballot Web Voting. However, most of our clients do use a web conference tool to share the heat map and the Idea view, as well as any Power Point presentations you may be sharing.

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