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Confirm How an Individual Voted

Ballot customers often ask how the operator can determine how on person voted. There are a few ways to determine this, but regardless of the method chosen, it is critical that you inform the voting group that it is not an anonymous process.

Technique # 1

If you have less than 10 participants, the best way to identify how everyone voted is to have participants self-identify using the stakeholder functionality. This will enable you to apply filters based on the different stakeholders and also inform the group that the voting process will not be anonymous.

Technique # 2

If you have more than 10 voters, the method is through voter trend analysis.

In the left hand column, there's a keypad number as well the number of votes that keypad made for each item. You can determine how an individual voted by recording their keypad number then review these results.

Just remember, it's imperative to disclose to your participants that voting is not anonymous. Failure to do so will betray the voters' trust and compromise the accuracy of the collected information.

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