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How is User Access Administered in Perspective?

Within Perspective, user visibility and access rights are assigned at the system, role, and user levels. To simplify set-up and administration, they are first established at the system level, where they automatically cascade down to the role and user levels, applying to all users across the system by default. If necessary, these settings can be further refined at the role level, where they once again automatically cascade down to all of the role’s users. And finally, for complete flexibility, you can even individually assign rights for each user.

Perspective offers tremendous versatility for segmenting and consolidating your data, as well as assigning user access. Its adaptable structure of workgroups, organizational rollups, and access levels, together with field and function level security, allows you to closely control a user’s visibility and offers maximum flexibility to refine… or broaden… the data on which a user can search and report. Perspective’s sophisticated security protocols protect your highly sensitive data, giving users access solely to information within their assigned parameters. And these protocols can be customized precisely according to your requirements. Depending on your organization’s needs, your Perspective security set-up can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.


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