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Unable to Delete a Lookup or Rollup in Perspective Administration

If you attempt to delete a lookup or rollup that has been used in Perspective, you will receive the following error:

"LOOKUPS Unable to delete. The value is referenced by other records."

Why does this happen?

Perspective has a failsafe in place to protect lookups and rollups that have been used in the system from deletion - as the information is currently in use. It means that if you have a lookup or rollup and it is used in an Incident (or another entity), the system will not allow you to delete it.

I don't want the lookup visible to my users - what can I do?

Our recommended way of addressing this is to edit the lookup or rollup's workgroup visibility so it is no longer visible to your users. This means it will remain in your older files as a reference but cannot be used moving forward.


1. Click Administration on the lower left corner of the main Perspective window.
2. Select the lookup or rollup and click Edit.
3. Go to the Visibility tab and uncheck the appropriate workgroups.
4. Click Save.

The other option is to manually remove all references of the entry which will enable you to remove the entry.

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