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Download Your Perspective Attachments for Printing or Emailing

In the Incident Report, only photo attachments will print within the report, which means that any other attachments you may wish to include in an email or printout will need to be downloaded when you print your report. The following steps allow you to download your attachments when you print or email a report.

For the example below, we are using an Incident Report, however, you can apply the same steps for an Activity Report, an Investigation Report or a Case Report.

  1. Go to Print in your Incident Report.
  2. Select the type of incident report you're printing.
  3. Choose the components you wish to include when printing or emailing the report.
  4. Select the Download All Attachments? checkbox, then click OK.
  5. In the Report Options window, select Open or Email.

    NOTE: Depending on the size of your attachments, this download can take a significant amount of time. We recommend checking the size of your attachments prior to attempting to print.

  6. Two windows will now open: A Window will open that contains your Incident Report and a temporary folder that contains your attachments will open.
    • If you select Open, your incident report will open as PDF file.
    • If you select Email, it will open the email client in Perspective with the report attached.

      From within the temporary folder, you will be able to open each attachment and print. If you would like to include attachments in the Perspective email client, select AttachmentsAdd, then choose the attachment you want to add from the temporary folder location.

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