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Lock & Unlock a Record

What does locking a record do? 

Locking a record prevents others from editing the record. Locked records can be unlocked by users with unlock permissions. The lock/unlock feature is available on all Data Forms: Incident, Case, Person, Organization, Item, and Vehicle.

To lock a record:

  1. Open a record in Perspective.
  2. Click the Lock button. 14.png
  3. Click Yes.

To unlock a record:

  1. Open a locked record in Perspective. 
  2. Click the Unlock button. 
  3. Click Yes

Note: A record's status is denoted by the color of the lock icon in the listing pane.

  • Locked records have a yellow icon.
  • Records that were locked and have been unlocked have a silver icon.
  • Records that have never been locked have a grayed out icon. 16.png

To assign lock permissions to a role or user: 

  1. Log into Perspective as a user with access to the Administration section. 
  2. Go to Administration > Roles or Users.  
  3. Select a role or user. 
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click the Role Rights or User Rights tab. 
  6. Check Enable for the Locking Records and Unlocking Records checkboxes, as applicable.
  7. Click Save. 
  8. Log out and log back in to view changes. 


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