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Lock and Unlock a Record

In Perspective, you have the ability to lock a record to protect your data from being edited, and depending in your access rights, you may also unlock a record that was previously locked to make it available for editing. The lock/unlock feature is available on all Data Forms: Incident, Case, Person, Organization, Item, and Vehicle.

To Lock a Record:

Select the Lock button, then click Save.

To Unlock a Record:

Select the Unlock button, then click Save.

To find out if a record is locked from editing or was locked previously, look for the lock icon beside the record name in the middle pane and note its color. If the icon is grayed out, the record has never been locked before. If it is gold, the record is currently locked from editing. And if the icon is silver, the record was previously locked but is now unlocked.

Role & User Settings:

To assign a role or user the right to lock or unlock a record, you need to check or uncheck the appropriate right on the Role Rights or User Rights form.


Check Locking Records or Unlocking Records checkbox.


Check Allow Locking Records or Allow Unlocking Records checkbox.

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