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What Kind of Attachments Print in Perspective Reports?

Perspective's Incident Reports will print any attachments that are image files and that have been checked to 'Include when printing?'.

Supported image files that will print as part of the Incident include:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .bmap
  • .gif
  • .tig
  • .png

Why are other attachment types not printed?

Perspective provides the flexibility of attaching any file type whether it be an image file, office documents, or recordings. Due to the flexibility of the file types available and to ensure that the reports can still be emailed (where most clients cannot go over 10 MB for an email file), as well as limitations within SQL Reports and its ability to append other file types, we do limit the attachment types to image files only to ensure consistent formatting.

As a result, we have provided our clients with the ability to download any of the attachments as part of the printing process to make it easy to print or email. To learn how to do this, see Download Your Perspective Attachments For Printing Or Emailing.


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