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Add a New Database Connection for Perspective on Premise

The following will show you how to add an additional database to your on premise Perspective installation. This is most commonly used for test and legacy sites. 

The database must: 

  • Be available on your SQL Server;
  • Have a SQL user available with DBO Server Role rights to the database; and
  • Be the same version of Perspective as your Perspective Service Manager

If you do not have access to your SQL server, your Database Administrator can confirm this for you.

To add a new database connection for Perspective: 

  1. Open your Perspective application server. 
  2. Right-click the Perspective Service Manager on your desktop. Click run as administrator
  3. Click the Database tab. 
  4. Click ADD
  5. Click the Connection ID field. Name the database connection. 
  6. Click the SQL Server field. Type the SQL Server Name. If your SQL server has a specific instance, type "\" followed by the instance name. 
  7. Optional: Check the Primary Connection checkbox to make this the default database that comes up automatically when you sign in to Perspective. 
  8. Click the SQL Authentication radio button and add the SQL DBO username and password.
  9. Click the Databases dropdown and select the database you want to add.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Optional: Click the Services tab and add the SQL Reporting connection information for this database. 
  12. Click OK. Close the window. 
  13. Restart IIS to ensure the changes take place. 
  14. Open your Perspective client. 
  15. Click the Settings icon. 
  16. Click the Database dropdown. Select your new database connection. 
  17. Click the Back button in the Perspective login screen. 
  18. Log in. 


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