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GRC Cloud Export To Excel Support Issue

What is the issue?

Each month, Microsoft releases security patches for their software, which rarely has any impact on our products and services. Unfortunately, this month’s release includes a security patch that results in users being unable to open Excel files downloaded from several websites, including GRC.

For GRC customers, once the security patch is implemented, the impact is that you will not be able to export Excel documents from Reports as the document will blank and will not contain any data. We've confirmed this will not impact File Management.

What can be done about this?

As this is caused by a security patch from Microsoft, Resolver is monitoring what steps Microsoft will take to address this change. At the same time, our team is reviewing this from a development standpoint to see whether we can provide an alternate solution. To help your team in the meantime, we have documented potential workarounds below.

If you wish to track our progress on this, please submit a support ticket to let know us you're experiencing this issue and would like to receive updates and we'll make sure to keep you informed.


Note: Resolver cannot advise on the settings or applied patches for Microsoft products. Please work with your internal IT department to determine the best course of action for users within your organization.

 #1 Unblock access in File Properties:

  1. Right-click the file and choose Properties.

  2. On the General tab, click Unblock.

  3. Click OK.

 #2 Disable the Protected View setting within Excel:

  1. Open Excel.

  2. Go to File > Options.

  3. Click Trust Center on the menu to the left, then click Trust Center Settings.

  4. Click Protected View on the menu to the left.

  5. Remove the checkmark next to Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet.

  6. Click OK twice.

More Information from Microsoft:

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