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Popular Perspective Ideas in the Idea Portal

Have you been submitting your ideas on how to improve Perspective or our new Dispatch? We keep track of every enhancement we receive—whether you submit it to the Idea Portal, through Support or through your Customer Success team! We then post each idea for our customers to vote on and use the feedback we receive to help drive our product roadmap.

Here are a few of the most popular ideas that our team has in the Idea Portal right now:


  • Ability to Merge Incidents (PERDESK-I-67)
  • Ability to add Narratives to Activities (PERDESK-I-192)


  • Ability to have new persons added as involvements in a new Dispatch create a Person record in Perspective (PERDESK-I-320)
  • Introduce Command Line feature to Dispatch (PERDESK-I-327)

Surprised these are the top ideas? Make your voice heard and log in today!

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