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Perspective System Architecture - Part 1: Physical Layers

Please Refer to the Perspective System Requirements for the details on the supported versions of Windows Server and SQL Server for your version.

1) Client Workstations

  • Microsoft Windows client operating system including Internet Explorer
  • .NET 4.5.2 Framework.
  • Requires HTTPS using SSL (Default Port 443) can be used to encrypt data between the client and the Perspective Web Service. Note: The creation or purchase of the SSL certificate is not provided.
  • Web Installation includes:
    • Perspective client EXE.
    • Perspective DLLs and assemblies.

Note: The creation or purchase of the SSL certificate is not provided.

2) IIS Server (Perspective Web Service)

  • Windows Server operating system.
  • IIS (Please refer to System Requirements for Version)
  • .NET 4.5.2 Framework.
  • Database connectivity to SQL Server using the Tabular Data Stream protocol.
  • Installation includes:
    • Perspective Virtual Directory.
    • Perspective Server Manager EXE.
    • Perspective DLLs and assemblies.

3) IIS Server (SQL Reporting Services)

  • Minimum requirements and licensing can be obtained from Microsoft.com.
  • Installation includes:
    • Publishing of RDLs.
  • Note: SQL Reporting Services can be run alongside SQL Server or Perspective Web Service.

4) Database Server

  • SQL Server.
  • Supported Windows Server operating system.
  • SQL Reporting Services (optional).
  • Installation includes:
    • Perspective SQL database.
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