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Sneak Peek – V8.3, Coming Fall 2016

With GRC Cloud v8.3 in its final stages of development and testing, we would like to share a sneak peek of the release in order to help you plan ahead of the formal notification.

Coming in v8.3:

  • Workflow: E-mail Manager. Review and manage all workflow notifications delivered by GRC Cloud’s notification center. E-mail management has been a heavily requested feature from our administrative users. The e-mail manager will allow administrators to override a scheduled time and send e-mails earlier, manage recipients, cancel delivery, and most importantly, track e-mail notifications.
  • Workflow: Check Value Condition & Validation. The workflow engine will now be able to leverage a numeric field value to determine the applicable path an item should take in the workflow.
  • System Wide: APIs. Keep data synced. A real-time connection between system activity and GRC Cloud will allow for transferring of data or triggering events without manual intervention. Available end points include: attributes and criteria update, item creation, item deletion, engage workflows, calculate functions, and attach files.
  • Programs and Activities: Reordering of Programs & Activities. Reorder programs and activities to best reflect your process and how your users interact with the focus picker.
  • Bonus: Duplicate in Focus Picker Removed. After selecting an item in the focus picker, the item will be removed from the list below.
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