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What is SSO and How Do I Get It?

What is SSO?

SSO is a feature available for users running certain editions of Perspective 5.1 or later. SSO stands for single sign-on which is a form of login authentication that stores your credentials so you can log into multiple applications, including Perspective, Dispatch, and Dashboard, without re-entering your information as long as your session token (a temporary file that stores your credentials) is active. For Perspective iOS and Officer Mobile, you can't share your login credentials across apps, however, you don't have to re-enter your credentials while you have an active session token

To use SSO, you'll need Perspective 5.1 or later and an identity provider (known as an IdP for short). An identity provider is a service that holds your account information and is responsible for creating your SSO session in Perspective. Your IdP and Perspective are connected by inputting information from your IdP into Perspective Service Manager.

The setup for SSO is a little different depending on whether you're an On Premise or Hosted customer, so read on for more information.

SSO for On Premise Customers

If you're an On Premise customer, you can view detailed instructions on how to input this information into Service Manager in the Perspective installation and update guides. Before you can do this, however, your IT team will also need to work with your IdP directly to configure the SSO settings and get the required information (including a metadata file or URL). 

SSO for Hosted Customers

If you're a Hosted customer, we can help you implement SSO, but before we can do that, it's important that you review the following checklist with your IT team, who must answer Yes to all these questions before we can proceed:

  1. Does your IT team and IdP support service provider-initiated SAML 2.0?*

  2. Is your IdP Internet accessible?

  3. Can you provide Resolver Support with the name of your IdP (e.g. AD FS, OneLogin, etc.)?

  4. Will your users be signing into Perspective using the same name ID format?

  5. Can you provide us with a metadata URL or metadata file? (If no, please contact us).

*SAML is an XML standard that allows authentication and authorization data to be exchanged between two parties, usually a service provider and an identity provider. In this case, the service provider is Resolver (Perspective) and the identity provider is an SSO provider, such as AD FS or OneLogin, that transmits the login/authentication information to the service provider.

Contact Us

Once your IT department has reviewed the items in the section above, create a support ticket to let us know that you're a Hosted customer who meets all the above requirements and you'd like to implement SSO on your Perspective system.

Of course, if you're an On Premise customer who needs a little more information or guidance on setting SSO up, you can also create a ticket. We're here to help!


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