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Perspective System Architecture - Part 2: Logical Layers

Please Refer to the Perspective System Requirements for the details on the supported versions of Windows Server and SQL Server for your version.


1) Client Workstations

  • Perspective client includes the Microsoft .Net assemblies, application (built on Windows forms) and optional support for features, like Perspective Visual Analysis.

2) Web Application Server (Perspective Web Service)

  • Manages all authentication (application or Active Directory) and requests for data from the client.
  • A Perspective-specific Web Service is provided.
  • All updates to the Perspective client can be handled by the Perspective Web Service.

3) Web Application Server (SQL Reporting Services)

  • SQL Reporting Services is required to run Perspective’s reports.

4) Database Server

  • Manages all data storage for Perspective.
  • Data is organized into a single database that contains administration and business-specific data.
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