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Perspective Idea Portal

If you've got requests or ideas for new features in Perspective or you'd like to vote on features to make them a priority in an upcoming release, check out our Perspective Idea Portal.

What is the Aha! Idea Portal?

Resolver tracks all ideas submitted by our customers in Aha!, a program that specializes in ideation (collecting ideas from users). Aha! provides us with the ability to give you more insight into the enhancement process for our products including:

  • Seeing any ideas your company has inputted. When we implemented the portal, we carried over all of our enhancements and made them available for you to see.

  • Voting on ideas that your company cares about. You have great suggestions and so do our other customers! You can help us determine the priority level for adding these features to our products by voting on great ideas. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely you'll see that feature included in an upcoming release.

  • Viewing idea updates, including comments and whether or not your idea or an idea you voted on will make into the next release.

Within Aha!, you can group ideas, monitor their progress, search, and share your feedback. You can also send a question about an idea directly to our Product team or have discussions with other users about their ideas or comments.

How often is the Idea Portal reviewed by Resolver?

The portal is reviewed by our Product team on a monthly basis, but it's not uncommon for ideas to remain in the portal for some time to allow for the community to comment or vote on the idea. Priority for new features is determined by feedback received from customers through the Idea Portal, Technical Support, and your customer success managers, as well the product roadmap. 

How do I join the Idea Portal?

Some Perspective customers were previously invited to join, so you may be registered already, even if you haven't logged in before.

To check, go to the Perspective Ideal Portal, click Forgot password, enter your email address, then click Send Reset Password Email. If your email address is registered with the portal, you'll receive an email that will allow you to reset your password and log in.

If you receive a message advising that no account is associated with that email address, you'll have to create a new account. 

To sign up, enter your name and email address in the Name and Email address fields at the top of the screen, then click Sign Up. You'll receive an invitation email to finish creating your new Idea Portal account.

If you have any questions, contact your customer success manager or email us at customer.service@resolver.com.

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